Immense Air is a unique bar and restaurant concept, in which we have converted a decommissioned, ATR 42 air craft into a fully functioning mobile bar.

immense air concept

The site will be transformed into an airport terminal; with departure lounge, duty free, club class restaurant and for the more discerning passenger we will be offering a VIP 1st class area.

Immense Air will take you on a long haul journey to destinations, which will enable you to experience food & drinks from around the world. Our Immense Aircraft will have a good selection of draught & world beers, local ales & ciders, wines, spirits & soft drinks.

Entry into our airport is affordable and open to everyone, tourists and locals alike. All passengers will be given a boarding pass to come aboard. You will be greeted on arrival by our in-flight cabin crew from Immense Air,  who will ensure your flight with us will be comfortable and relaxing.

The departure lounge will be furnished with aircraft chairs and bespoke furniture, and we will have in-flight menus offering quality world cuisine and light bites. The duty free shop will be open throughout your flight, with essential shopping must haves, such as sun cream, sun glasses & hats (hopefully not umbrellas).

The event will host a VIP 1st class lounge, for those who like a little luxury.  We will be offering bespoke packages to key local businesses, tourists & sponsors. The ‘club class’ restaurant and cocktail bar, served from a custom made shipping container, will offer world inspired food and cocktail menus from cabin crew bar and waiting staff.

The captain wishes you all a safe flight and looks forward to welcoming you on board!